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30, Aug
The Bodhran, The Unofficial Drum of Ireland

Recently, I was listening to River Dance’s soundtrack. The music isn’t sung with lyrics, which I find makes it easy to write to. Although I have listened to the music many times before, something struck me this time. It was the importance and prevalence of drums in the music. It’s possible that I didn’t notice it before, but the sound of all those clogs gives off an overwhelming feeling of percussion. But if not for drums and their unmistakable rhythm, no Irish dancer would be able find the beat. I was left wondering, how important of a tradition does drumming have in Ireland.

The Bodhran drums is the most popular Irish drum. The history of this instrument is quite short, compared to drums from other parts of the world. It was the Irish who used the bodhran during their rebellion against England that first recorded the instrument’s existence in 1603. The bodhran, like the Japanese taiko drums, was used to wage war. It allowed pipers and soldiers alike to keep a proper marching rhythm. This instrument was a useful tool for warfare and noisemakers, so it must have been successful. It was never used for music until the modern era.

Traditional Irish music enjoyed a revival of popularity in the 1960s. The influence of Sean O Riada (an Irish composer and bandleader, whose compositions greatly contributed to the international popularity of Irish music), was the main reason for this trend. Riada’s use of the bodhran as a musical instrument in his music helped establish the drum. This drum has enjoyed some popularity in Scotland and northern Europe since then, but it is still most popular on its home turf, Ireland.

Bodhrans are drums that have a greater diameter than their depth. Although it can be 10 to 26 inches in diameter, most are 14 to 18 inches in size. It can range in depth from 3.5 to 8. It is open on one end and has a drumhead the other. This drumhead is traditionally made of goat skin. Modern drumheads made of synthetic materials are common in 21st-century bodhrans. Artists can use one side of the drumhead to place their hand on the inside, which allows them to adjust the pitch and timbre of the drumhead.

Bodhrans can be played in a seated or prone position. The artist supports the drum with one hand and his upper body by holding it vertically against his thigh. To control tension, the other hand is used to hold the drum vertically. You can play these drums with your bare hands, or a traditional drumstick. These drumsticks are called “bone”, “tipper,” ‘beater,” and ‘cipin”. Although brushes are a recent invention, some artists use them. There are many styles of playing, and this instrument is still relatively new.

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26, Jul
Everything about the Amazing Irish Culture

Even with all the modern-day influences of our time. One country that remains deeply rooted in its culture is Ireland. It is a country with a beautiful landscape that you can see for miles. Ireland has contributed a lot to the world in literature and writing. Oscar Wilde, a famous Irish writer, wrote “The Picture of Dorian Gray”.

The combination of Irish folk music and the beautiful Irish dance steps has influenced many people around the world. Let’s take a tour of Ireland to learn more about the amazing culture.

1. Lifestyle

The hospitality shown by the Irish people is something you would love. They are known for their friendliness. You would feel like you were a part their family, as a family is very important to the Irish.

In rural Ireland, there are still many old traditions. Many urban areas in Ireland still follow traditional customs, despite the advances in technology.

Modern Irish culture is a shared one. It is more common in urban areas. People in Ireland don’t hesitate to show their affection and not keep it for themselves.

You would have no trouble communicating with people if you were a tourist in Ireland. English is still the most widely spoken language in Ireland and the majority of Irish still speak it. The Celtics influenced the Irish language, which is still evident today.

2. Houses

It’s amazing to see that many Irish houses are still built according to the same building patterns and rules as in the past. Although modern appliances are used in many houses, the house’s structure is still the same as it was in the past.

Their houses are also painted in bright colors that will bring a smile to your face. Many houses use central heating systems today instead of a fireplace. We can see how deeply these people are rooted in their traditions.

3. Dance and music

Irish people are well-known for their music and dance, even in the past. The Irish are a happy people. They can still dance to their music, even in times of sadness and trouble, and bring a smile to each other’s faces. Turlough Carolan is one of the most well-known musicians in traditional Irish music. Turlough Carolan composed over 200 musical compositions that are still being played today. Many Irish music featured groups of people dancing together. Even if you don’t have any interest in music or dance, the traditional country music of Ireland will lift your spirits and inspire you to get up and move.

One of the most exciting and fun cultures in the world is the Irish culture. Their deeply rooted culture will bring a smile on your face, no matter how sad or down you feel.

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25, Jul
How Irish Music became part of the International Mainstream

The international music scene has seen many Irish musicians and bands wave the Irish flag in the air. Irish music developed from its roots in traditional Celtic music to the more popular forms we know today. Even more popular music has incorporated traditional music and its styles. We’re sure someone out there is listening to an Irish song right now. Irish music is part the international mainstream music.

How did Irish music make it into the mainstream? Many artists have helped to promote Irish music. Sinead O’Connor and Van Morrisson are notable. Hothouse Flowers, Enya, and Enya are also noteworthy. Her haunting voice is a hallmark of New Age music. The Pogues are also a major factor in the promotion of Irish rock music. In the 1990s, there was a time when Irish music was blended with African drums to produce the distinctive Afro-Celtic drum & bass sound. One thing we can say is that Irish music can appeal to a wider audience.

Every day, a wide variety of musical styles are played to an international audience. People can choose from dance or rock music. Irish bands have been able to win the hearts of their fans despite being in fierce competition for their ears. Punk rock was a popular form of music in the 1970s, with several Irish bands contributing to its popularity. The Boomtown Rats and U2 emerged out of this time.

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24, Jul
Five Tips to Start a Successful Irish Music Club

Successful Irish Music Club

Over the past few years, Irish music has been growing in popularity. Many people have started their own Irish music clubs.

Unfortunately, sometimes their enthusiasm is not enough to match their expertise and clubs fail before they have the chance to grow. These are some tips to help you set up a club that can last and thrive.


Find the right place. While a pub or bar is the most obvious choice, it’s important to have separate rooms from the main bar. This will give you more control.

It will be very difficult to charge entrance fees if you use the main bar as many people won’t care about the music. It is easier to ensure that everyone remains quiet during the performance by having a separate room.

If the venue is located near public transport and parking, it will be easier to get there and increase your chances of success. It may be a charming little bar in the country, but no one can access it.


Before you begin, make sure you have a group of talented performers. You should have at least 10 acts to go. Not everyone can make it every night.


You should try to attract a wide range of performers. You want your club to reflect the richness and diversity of Irish music. Although it is nice to sing lilting Celtic ballads, it will not be as effective if there are other acts performing singalongs or fiddle bands playing jigs.


Get a professional to spice things up from time to time. Although this may seem expensive, most clubs are able to save money each week by hiring a professional at least once per month. This will give your club credibility and will attract more people to your singing nights.


5. Get someone trustworthy to collect the money. This is often forgotten, but not everyone can be the star act. If your club wants to survive, it is important that you have someone who can manage the finances.

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23, Jul
Irish Music

The Irish music

The Irish music is distinctive and has had an influence on many other genres of American music. It was brought to America in 1800s, when millions fled Ireland’s famine and were forced to emigrate to New York, Chicago, Boston, and New York.

The story of Irish music is told through Irish music. A wonderful collection entitled “Bringing it All Back Home: The Influence of Irish Music” was published 20 years ago. It featured many of the Irish songs that were popularized in American Culture, such as Kilkelly and The Lakes of Pontchertain. Kilkelly is one the most saddest songs ever composed. It is composed of letters written by a father in England to his son starting in 1860. They tell him about the deaths in their family and how wonderful it would be to meet the son again.

The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem revived Irish music in America in the 1960s with songs such as Will Ye Go Lassie Go or Roddy Mc Corley. The Clancy Brothers had a significant influence on Bob Dylan’s folk singing style. These instruments are used often in Irish traditional music: fiddle, guitars, uileann pipes and accordion (piano, button, bodhran drums, tin whistle harp, and possibly piano). One of my favorite sounds is the voice. This is Sean Keane singing Ellis Island and Sinead O’Connor from her 2002 album Sean Nos Nua. Sean nos is the traditional Irish singing style, sometimes called comhaille.

Clannad sang in Irish during the 1970s, and Planxty emerged as one of the first groups to do so. I spent several summers at the Loch an Iuir Gaeltacht, County Donegal. Clannad performed for college students when I was there. At the time, I was just 11 years old. Teach Leo was only 4 miles from Crolly. They were great – that was before Enya’s album Watermark gained huge worldwide acclaim.

Although I was a violinist and pianist, I also learned classical music in school. James Eddie Mc Cluskey, a grandfather from County Monaghan, played the fiddle. He also taught me two Irish tunes: The Boys of the Bluehill (and The Dawning of the Day). He used to talk about “An Chualainn”, which I was able to access online. Modern technology is amazing!

The fusion of traditional Irish music

The fusion of traditional Irish music with rock and roll has been a trend since the 1970s. This began with The Pogues, Horslips and Thin Lizzy in the 1970s. Shane Mc Gowan performed Fairytale of New York in 1987 with Kirsty Mc Col. U2, Van Morrison and The Cranberries are just a few of the many successful groups in recent years.

You can divide Irish music into drinking songs, such as Dirty Old Town and Whiskey In the Jar. There are also songs that serve as emigrant songs, such as Roddy Mc Corley and Arthur Mc Bride. Love songs include Down by the Sally Gardens (WB Yeats), and Will Ye Go Lassie Go. Thin Lizzy covered it. The Fields of Athenry’s most well-known Irish song is actually called a Famine Song, although it is still sung at rugby matches and football matches.

Amazingly, all the songs and music above have survived the years. These songs are an integral part of Irish culture. Matt Molloy from the Chieftains gave a concert flute and a microphone to Catherine Coleman, a NASA astronaut who will soon be playing traditional music on a mission to space. According to reports, she said to Matt Molloy that her music “always brings me to a special spot so I thought I would bring yours to one.”

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22, Jul
Enjoy a Miami Trip and indulge your passion for music

Miami is as diverse as it gets. It is located in South East Florida and boasts a wide range of cultural influences that make it an exciting destination for tourists. Entertainment is a key focus of the city, which hosts a variety of exciting attractions and annual events.

Because of its diverse population that includes people from Central America and Cuba, Miami has a wide range of experiences and sights. Depending on where you go, you can indulge your senses in the many attractions and experiences these vibrant communities offer.

Because of its diverse cultural influences, Miami’s music scene offers a wide variety of songs and dances. Both conga (and rumba) were brought to Miami by Cubans. People from the West Indies, Caribbean, and other countries brought reggae, soca, and even soca with them. There is also a large dance and techno scene in the city.

The city hosts a variety of music festivals and events each year in recognition of the diversity of sounds it has. These events are meant to honor the rich history and music that Miami has shared.

For example, March is the most popular month in the city for music. The Winter Music Conference opened its doors. It is a celebration of electronic music and was founded in 1985. It lasts for one week and draws thousands of industry professionals who are eager to network. The main event is open only to music professionals, such as record label representatives and DJs. However, thousands of clubbers attend to hear the latest music.

The Ultra Music Festival is held alongside the Winter Music Conference. It attracts around 70,000 fans of electronic music and is held in the city’s Bicentennial Park.

The Jazz in the Gardens festival is also held in March. It is now in its fourth year and attracts approximately 25,000 people. It features a number of top artists such as Erykah Badu, Will Downing and many more. This is an excellent two-day event that you should not miss.

The Mantra International World Music Festival, which is held in December, is another great event. It was established in 2004 and features a variety of music from famous artists, bands, and other musical acts. It hosts art shows and music workshops, which aim to engage the community.

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