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26, Jul
Everything about the Amazing Irish Culture
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Even with all the modern-day influences of our time. One country that remains deeply rooted in its culture is Ireland. It is a country with a beautiful landscape that you can see for miles. Ireland has contributed a lot to the world in literature and writing. Oscar Wilde, a famous Irish writer, wrote “The Picture of Dorian Gray”.

The combination of Irish folk music and the beautiful Irish dance steps has influenced many people around the world. Let’s take a tour of Ireland to learn more about the amazing culture.

1. Lifestyle

The hospitality shown by the Irish people is something you would love. They are known for their friendliness. You would feel like you were a part their family, as a family is very important to the Irish.

In rural Ireland, there are still many old traditions. Many urban areas in Ireland still follow traditional customs, despite the advances in technology.

Modern Irish culture is a shared one. It is more common in urban areas. People in Ireland don’t hesitate to show their affection and not keep it for themselves.

You would have no trouble communicating with people if you were a tourist in Ireland. English is still the most widely spoken language in Ireland and the majority of Irish still speak it. The Celtics influenced the Irish language, which is still evident today.

2. Houses

It’s amazing to see that many Irish houses are still built according to the same building patterns and rules as in the past. Although modern appliances are used in many houses, the house’s structure is still the same as it was in the past.

Their houses are also painted in bright colors that will bring a smile to your face. Many houses use central heating systems today instead of a fireplace. We can see how deeply these people are rooted in their traditions.

3. Dance and music

Irish people are well-known for their music and dance, even in the past. The Irish are a happy people. They can still dance to their music, even in times of sadness and trouble, and bring a smile to each other’s faces. Turlough Carolan is one of the most well-known musicians in traditional Irish music. Turlough Carolan composed over 200 musical compositions that are still being played today. Many Irish music featured groups of people dancing together. Even if you don’t have any interest in music or dance, the traditional country music of Ireland will lift your spirits and inspire you to get up and move.

One of the most exciting and fun cultures in the world is the Irish culture. Their deeply rooted culture will bring a smile on your face, no matter how sad or down you feel.

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