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24, Jul
Five Tips to Start a Successful Irish Music Club
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Successful Irish Music Club

Over the past few years, Irish music has been growing in popularity. Many people have started their own Irish music clubs.

Unfortunately, sometimes their enthusiasm is not enough to match their expertise and clubs fail before they have the chance to grow. These are some tips to help you set up a club that can last and thrive.


Find the right place. While a pub or bar is the most obvious choice, it’s important to have separate rooms from the main bar. This will give you more control.

It will be very difficult to charge entrance fees if you use the main bar as many people won’t care about the music. It is easier to ensure that everyone remains quiet during the performance by having a separate room.

If the venue is located near public transport and parking, it will be easier to get there and increase your chances of success. It may be a charming little bar in the country, but no one can access it.


Before you begin, make sure you have a group of talented performers. You should have at least 10 acts to go. Not everyone can make it every night.


You should try to attract a wide range of performers. You want your club to reflect the richness and diversity of Irish music. Although it is nice to sing lilting Celtic ballads, it will not be as effective if there are other acts performing singalongs or fiddle bands playing jigs.


Get a professional to spice things up from time to time. Although this may seem expensive, most clubs are able to save money each week by hiring a professional at least once per month. This will give your club credibility and will attract more people to your singing nights.


5. Get someone trustworthy to collect the money. This is often forgotten, but not everyone can be the star act. If your club wants to survive, it is important that you have someone who can manage the finances.

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